Luisa serves as the project manager and associate event planner for The Charles Lane.  She is responsible for client relations, budget management and strategic project planning. She is dedicated to providing quality service to all of The Charles Lane’s clientele. Luisa’s upbeat attitude, stylish eye and passion for the details, gives her a unique edge as a planner and designer.

A graduate of Providence College, Luisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Finance.  In her current role as product development manager at United Promotions, Inc., Luisa manages all aspects of product design, optimization and production. With more than eight years of professional experience anda vast background in corporate marketing, advertising, project management and design, Luisa brings a wealth of expertise in developing and implementing creative strategies. She draws her design inspiration from a variety of sources — friends and family; reading romance novels; and trends in popular culture and fashion. Luisa’s sisters describe her as a disciplined, trendy, innovative, fun, social and caring person. When she is not managing memorable events, you can find her spending quality time with her husband and children.