Catalina is the marketing communications manager and associate event planner for The Charles Lane. She is responsible for managing all aspects of digital marketing and social media activities. Catalina also works closely with the team to design, plan and deliver meaningful events to clients. Catalina draws her design inspiration from her travels and experiences in numerous countries.

A graduate of American University with a Bachelor of Science in International Business, Catalina has worked with an array of Fortune 100 companies. In her current role as marketing director at United Promotions, Inc., Catalina is responsible for the global expansion and business-to-business marketing initiatives and programs. With over 10 years of marketing experience, Catalina is a vital asset to the team with her applied knowledge in strategic and creative planning and coordinating. Catalina’s sisters describe her as an intelligent, stylish, business savvy, articulate, creative and dependable person. When she is not planning memorable events, you can catch her jet-setting around the world.